Xiaomi allows order modification as SU7 faces delivery delays

Max McDee, 15 April 2024

Electronics giant Xiaomi is making waves in the automotive world with its debut electric vehicle, the SU7. However, the overwhelming popularity of this new EV has led to extended delivery times for some customers, a situation the company is working quickly to address.

The huge demand became clear immediately after the SU7's launch when pre-orders surpassed 100,000 in just a few days. While the company initially aimed for a production capacity of around 6,000 vehicles per month, it already requested suppliers increase output to 10,000 cars per month to meet the demand.

Xiaomi allows order modification as SU7 faces delivery delays

To help ease the backlog, Xiaomi offers a unique opportunity to customers who pre-ordered the standard SU7 – a 24-hour window to modify their orders. This option opens on April 19, allowing customers to upgrade their vehicle's specifications or choose different options through the Xiaomi Car App.

The Xiaomi SU7's base version is called Standard model (just under $30,000) and it offers a reasonable 13-16 week delivery window. The Pro version is next and for now you'll need to wait (16-19 weeks). Want the absolute best? The top-of-the-line Max delivers every possible feature, but be prepared for a 25-28 week wait. The 5,000 people lucky enough to snag the limited Founder's Edition, are already taking their deliveries, though.

Xiaomi allows order modification as SU7 faces delivery delays

Xiaomi says its car factory is running full tilt and is closely coordinating with suppliers to boost production. Hopefully the company manages to ramp up manufacturing quickly and everyone that made the SU7 queue gets their car in a reasonable time frame.


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  • Anonymous

Good luck crashing, not charging, not removing the charger, amputating your fingers, locking in the middle of the road( likely an immobilizer issue), worse gps fix than without google services (honestly i've been doing fine without those for a f...

  • sayabosanhidup

will either buy this car or perhap s a byd not long after they made their way here !



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