Xiaomi's upcoming EV will offer an EREV option

Ro, 09 October 2023

Xiaomi's upcoming EV is expected to debut really soon and understandably, leaks are becoming more detailed by the day. Last week, Xiaomi posted some job listings regarding EREV technologies suggesting some of its future cars will have an EREV (Extended Range Electric Vehicle) version. Today's report claims the very first one might actually get such a version.

Xiaomi's upcoming EV will offer an EREV option

According to Pan Daily, the company plans to release its EV dubbed Modena in three variants. The entry-level BEV will offer a 400-volt architecture with a battery sourced from BYD while the top tier will be equipped with CATL's high-end Qlin 101 kWh battery and 800-volt architecture. In addition to those two variants, a 1.5-liter EREV configuration is also planned. That means a 1.5-liter engine is powering up the electric motor.

Sadly, the report doesn't include specifics about the EREV version, so it's unclear if it will launch right from the start or if it's coming later down the road.



Reader comments

  • BhloO

that paint for real or its because this is a render? 🤨

  • UlhaqPak

It's range extender. Just like an engine used as a Generator but not transmission kynda similar to Nissan Note but low purpose.

  • Anonymous

Extended Range Electric Vehicle, In which the car has gas/petrol/diesel powered(Mostly) or any other fuel(Hydrogen Fuel Cell) engine to charge the battery.



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