Tesla Model 3 2021 -

  • 283hp
    Rear Wheel Drive
  • 60kWh
    Nominal capacity
  • 5.8sec
    0-60 mph
  • 267mi
    EPA range

Real world range

Announced 2021
Status Available. Released 2021
Base price $ 48,500   € 57,500   £ 51,100  
Power RWD 283 hp (208 kW)
Torque 332 lb-ft (450 Nm)
Acceleration 5.8 sec 0-60 mph (6.1 sec 0-62 mph)
Max speed 140 mph (225 km/h)
Capacity 57.3 kWh usable, 60 kWh total
Tech Liquid-cooled Li-ion 360V LFP battery
Range 267 mi EPA (305 mi WLTP)
Consumption 4 mi/kWh EPA (4.3 mi/kWh WLTP)
Recuperation 1 level, no coasting, no regen when pedal braking
Heat pump Yes
AC Charging Type 2 11 kW, 0-100% in 7 hours 33 min
DC Charging Supercharger V3 250 kW max, 10-80% in 25 min
CCS 175 kW max, 10-80% in 25 min
Type 4 door sedan, 5 seats
Dimensions 184.8 x 72.8 x 56.8 in (4694 x 1849 x 1443 mm)
Drag coef. 0.23 Cd
Wheelbase 113.2 in (2875 mm)
Clearance 5.5 in (140 mm)
Weight EU: 4023 lb unladen
Suspension Front double wishbone-type coil spring, rear multi-link
Wheels R18, R19, R20
Trunk EU: 19.8 ft³
Frunk 3.1 ft³
Towing No
Center 15" touchscreeen
Driver's No
Head-up No
Seats Heated front seats, heated rear seats
Roof All-glass roof
Parking aids 6 front and rear sensors, reversing camera, Parking Assist
Airbags 8 airbags: front, side, rear, head airbag system, front seats knee airbags
Driving aids 3 front, 2 side and 3 rear cameras, 6 front and 6 rear sensors (up to 250m object detection). Automatic Emergency Braking, Dynamic Brake Lights, Lane Assist, Collision Avoidance Assist, Speed Assist, Lane Departure Avoidance, Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control
Self driving Autopilot with full Self-Driving capability
Crash tests NCAP 2019: 5 stars, NHTSA 2019-2022: 5 stars

Charging time Charging curve

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User opinions and reviews

  • Anonymous

This beginning of this spring I reset the trip A counter to zero and was counting until 22nd Sep. I wanted to see the average for that period (spring/summer 2022). Being that I was working mostly from home I only made 3'921km and consumed...

  • 69bot1

Wow first car on this wesite

Compact and powerful! What more could you ask for?

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